Shenzhen Tianlang Medical Equipm

Product Description:

1.Split type laryngoscope: Include disposable blade + reusable core, the core can be recharged and used 100 times. The blade is water proof and fully protect the core, so the core no need to sterilize. Suitable for routine intubation.   Adult / Children size.

2.Fully disposable laryngoscope:Build-in battery, start within 3s, only single use. Suitable for emergency / first-aid / ambulance / remote locations.   Adult / Children / Infant size.

All these laryngoscope can work with 2.4' visualizer or only work with eyecup.
2.4' visualizer can connect to 15.6' PC by WIFI (≤20m). PC will show the real-time video and store video automatically. Suitaable for clinical teaching.

Certification:CE,ISO13485 passed.  Support OEM.
Product Application:

Laryngoscope is a necessary device for airway intubation. It is widely used in :

Anesthesia Department           - Airway management in general anesthesia;

Intensive Care Unit ( ICU / NICU / RICU )  - Prevent airway obstruction, respiratory failure;

Emergency Department           - Rapid intubation to establish and maintain a patent airway;

Pre-hospital Emergency           - An essential first-aid tool on ambulance;

ENT Department                      - Examing the larynx;

Hugemed reusable video laryngoscope

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