ECG Portable Device

Istel HR-2000 ECG Recorder
Product Description:

• 6-lead ECG recorder
• ECG signal detection when the leads are fixed on the chest
• Built-in electrodes
• Adjustment of measurement sensitivity and frequency
• Easy to operate – measurement taken with just one button
• For home self-monitoring
• Supply: 2 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA) batteries
• Ergonomic shape
• Auto power-off
• Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Wireless technology

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ECG Portable Device

cardiac device ecg dongle
Product Description:

Pocket ECG devices allow anyone to check cardiovascular system at any time at any place using your smartphone or tablet PC:

  • ECG Dongle - 6-channel ECG
  • ECG Dongle Full - 12-channel ECG
  • Cardio-Cloud - service for distributors, which can be set up on your servers and allow clients in your country to send their ECG recordings to cardiologists.

ECG Dongle is an own cardiological complex at home, at work, on vacation. It can easily fit in your pocket, and the price of a unit is less than price of a simple mobile phone. It allows anyone to get the data on the work of his heart, heart rate and stress level, as well as send them to the doctor. Analysis is very simple, can be done in a few minutes, anywhere and at any time.

ECG Dongle - is:

  • caring about the health of loved ones at the right time, anywhere;
  • monitoring of the health without visit a doctor and without changing the normal rhythm of life;
  • improving the efficiency of fitness, sports training and control the body's reaction to sport excersises in order to determine their optimal level;
  • ease of operation: ECG Dongle does not require a medical or technical education - almost any person can operate it.


ECG Dongle is:

  • 6- or 12-channel ECG Dongle cardio flash drive;
  • free mobile application for IOS and Android;
  • CardioCloud service.

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