Full Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System
Product Description:

USG WED 190 For clinical diagnosis of abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, small organs, superficial blood vessels, musculoskeletal, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, urology, neurosurgery and other specialist clinics.


  • Operation panel characterizing numerical control back light, fast regulation and one-key Easy optimization
  • Three probe connectors, free probe switching, hot-swapping available
  • Multiple choices of language display
  • Optional lithium battery
  • Newly designed ergonomic appearance with 15 inch LCD screen
  • DICOM3.0, remote network assistance available
  • Graphic workstations, import from and export to typical cases generating quick diagnosis



Full Digital Ultrasonic Therapy Machine
Product Description:

Product Description: 

Machine Parameters

Working Mode

Pulse Mode

Rated Output


Power Input



3.5-inch LCD

Sound Frequency

1.0 MHz

Beam Type



Featured by unique palm design, low power consumption chips, all-digital signal generator, precise and adjustable frequency, duty cycle , it is suitable for home physiotherapy, especially for reliving arthralgia, lumbar muscle degeneration and movement disorder caused by stroke sequel.