Breastlight Early Breast Cancer

Breastlight Early Breast Cancer
Product Description:

Thousands of women have been ‘misled’ into buying a torch which claims to detect breast cancer, the advertising watchdog has ruled.

– claims to help women spot the first signs of tumours.

More than 20,000 of the torches have been sold worldwide since they were launched in 2006.

But in a ruling published today, the Advertising Standards Authority said the website which advertises and sells the devices is ‘misleading’ and ‘irresponsible’.

Cancer charities are also concerned that women are using the torches as a ‘substitute’ for breast screening and subsequently getting ‘false reassurance’. On the product’s website, manufacturers PWB Health describe the torch as an ‘earlier breast cancer screening device’.

Women are advised to use the device in a darkened room and shine the red light of the torch on their breasts which enables them to see under the skin.

Veins and blood vessels appear as dark lines and any tumours may show up as shadows.

The manufacturers claim to have carried out trials on 300 women showing the torch successfully detected cancers in two thirds of cases.

They also say that 80 per cent who have used it felt ‘more confident’ afterwards. But the ASA has today ordered the manufacturers to change the website and remove such claims.

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