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N.B.M.S Co. (Nibal basant FZ-LLC)

company values and appreciates every aspect of life. We take to heart that each day many patients rely on our devices. In a world of short-lived trends, we are committed to building high quality and state of the art electronic medical devices which you can rely on.
Since 2014, we have designed medical devices like;

BreastLight , portable ECG Dongle & Portable ECG Dongle Full, ISTEL  HR 2000 Wireless ECG , Portable Ultrasound Scanner ,Pacemakers, Oxygen Concentrator, Diagnostic Ultrasonic, different models of Incubators, Ventilators, Safety needles, 

Our noninvasive hemodynamic and Cardiac Output monitors  provide an accurate, easy to use, cost-effective, and safe method of measuring hemodynamics and ultimately, improving patient outcomes.

We use quality components and processes, in addition we hand select our vendors. For many reasons we are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for companies.
As much as we like to design and manufacture medical devices, we strive to provide efficient service and support for our devices at all times. If a device requires repair, just call or send us an e-mail and we will take care of your request promptly.


Innovation is the result of critical thinking. Here are some of our ideas which we put into practice:

·      The ability of the PACE 203™ dual-chamber (DDD) pacemaker to trigger an intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) provides the most reliable control of balloon pumps even during demand pacing therapy.


·      PACE 300™, the world-wide first temporary three-chamber cardiac pacemaker, delivers cardiac synchronization therapy (CRT) to those patients who need it most.


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Our company prides ourselves on being diverse and unified all at once.


Emad Fahmy